Maximizing Instruction Through elps Implementation

Maximizing Instruction Through ELPS Implementation is an electronic teacher resource designed to equip them with tools needed to meet the needs of the diverse classroom.
This resource includes:

  • An introduction to and explanation of the ELPS 
  • An introduction to VESTED™, a method to implement the ELPS in all content areas
  • Tips for when and how to use research-based strategies
  • Model lessons in the math, science, English language arts, social studies and enrichment courses such as communication applications and CTE
  • Ways to differentiate instruction for the varied levels of language proficiencies
  • How to use Proficiency Level Descriptors to set performance targets for Adequate Yearly Progress
  • Supports for Balanced and Inclusive Instruction
  • A professional development tool with voiced-over PowerPoint slides

This electronic resource is designed as an online course with Moodle, a free and open source e-learning software platform, also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment that offers great flexibility for district use.

  • Can be customized to fit into an exiting LMS
  • Accessible via the Internet
  • Serves as a tool for PLC’s and staff development
  • Can be incorporated into a professional development plan
  • Chapters and slides can be printed
  • Can be used by an individual, team, school, or district
  • If purchased as a district course, can be customized to include quiz, grades, completion requirements and CPE credit