Kolak Group Inc. provides a variety of opportunities related to the academic achievement of English language learners for both teachers and administrators. We are happy to customize any training topic so that targeted objectives can be met through tailored activities designed with the needs of your district in mind. topics that we have provided at both the state and local levels are listed below. Other supports that Kolak Group Inc. provides include:

  • Modeling sheltered lessons or techniques in the classroom so that teachers can observe
  • Facilitating videotape reviews of teacher performance or our performance in the classroom
  • Coaching/mentoring teachers and administrators
  • Guiding lesson planning and curriculum design
  • Providing on-going follow-up opportunities through our forum, face-to-face interactions/meetings.

Professional Development Courses


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The VESTED™ Instructional Approach is a research-based means to deliver instruction in the heterogeneous mixed-ability classroom where students learn and build on the diversity and strengths that they bring to their content area classes. Teachers learn to meet the needs of all students including English language learners and strugglers without watering-down curriculum or lowering the bar for other students while at the same time provide the needed challenges that the gifted and academically-abled require in order to develop to their fullest potentials.

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Advancing Beginning and Intermediate ELLs in the Content Areas Institute

Learn specific, practical, and easily adaptable strategies to accommodate and advance the English language proficiency of beginning and intermediate ELLs in the content areas, grades K-12. Participate in training activities that will help you:

  • Accelerate the ESL literacy process
  • Implement the ELPS commensurate with the needs of beginning and intermediate ELLs
  • Use Accelerated Learning methods to boost instruction and enhance the instructional environment
  • Integrate technology to support content and language objectives
  • Design instructional experiences from which ELLs may derive meaning with a focus on content concepts
  • Use ESL methodologies to increase understanding and recall for all students
  • Support ELLs as they engage in the writing process
  • Address the social and emotional needs of ELLs with culturally responsive techniques
  • Use assessment data to anticipate and plan for student needs
  • Manage the mixed-ability classroom

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Sheltered Instruction in the Content Areas

These one, two or three-day session introduces the ten essentials of Sheltered Instruction to content area teachers. Participants adopt and adapt a variety of teaching strategies to help English language learners gain greater access to academic language and related knowledge and skills in the content areas. Demonstrated sheltered lessons highlight this experience.

Professional Development Titles Include: (But not limited to)

  • Sheltered Instruction for Science
  • Sheltered Instruction for Math
  • Sheltered Instruction for Social Studies
  • Sheltered Instruction for Language Arts
  • Sheltered Instruction for CTE
  • Sheltered Instruction in the Elmentary Classroom
  • Sheltered Instruction for all Contnetn Aeras
    Many customizable options. Call for futher deatils.


Maximizing Instruction Through elps Implementation

Maximizing Instruction Through ELPS Implementation is an electronic teacher resource designed to equip them with tools needed to meet the needs of the diverse classroom.
This resource includes:

  • An introduction to and explanation of the ELPS 
  • An introduction to VESTED™, a method to implement the ELPS in all content areas
  • Tips for when and how to use research-based strategies
  • Model lessons in the math, science, English language arts, social studies and enrichment courses such as communication applications and CTE
  • Ways to differentiate instruction for the varied levels of language proficiencies
  • How to use Proficiency Level Descriptors to set performance targets for Adequate Yearly Progress
  • Supports for Balanced and Inclusive Instruction
  • A professional development tool with voiced-over PowerPoint slides

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ESL Strategies that Work

During this one-day interactive workshop, participants will engage in strategies that address the cognitive, affective, and linguistic needs of intermediate and advanced leveled English language learners. Participants will leave this presentation with:

  • Strategies that they can easily implement the very next day that they return to their classrooms.
  • A better understanding of how to close the achievement gap for English language learners.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Build trust and stimulate student motivation through culturally responsive learning activities for the classroom. Practice using tools to help you learn more about your students' diverse backgrounds while gaining a better understanding of what motivates them to adapt and grow in changing learning environments.

Accelerating Learning through ESL Methods that Work

This two-day session will introduce participants to research-based teaching methods in second language acquisition. Select from an assortment of approaches to meet the needs of English language learners such as Accelerated Learning and the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA).

Effective Writing Instruction for ESL Students

This two-day interactive session provides research-based methods and strategies to help participants reach the ESL writer. Practical ideas for engaging beginning writers as well as strategies for engaging more English proficient students in the writing process is explored through case studies that require participants to focus on student strengths as a platform from which to design instructional interventions.

Investigating Cross-Cultural Communication

Site-based decision making teams, parent-teacher conferences, interdisciplinary teams, academic departments - school is about people. This two-day session will enable participants to engage in simulations that will stimulate discussions about intercultural communication styles. Participants will also participate in group interactions, then review them through stimulated recall using videotape. This will enable participants to gain deeper insights into diverse interactive approaches with regards to how they themselves, (the participants) choose to respond.

Implementing Sheltered Instruction Through Coaching and Video Recall

Learn strategies and network with other participants implementing sheltered instruction. Balance and customize the roles of coach and inquirer when reviewing videotapes of teaching performance. Build learning communities while equipped with tools that will promote both interpersonal and intercultural communications among all stakeholders in the learning process. Receive a copy of the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.