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The VESTED™ Instructional Approach is a research-based means to deliver instruction in the heterogeneous mixed-ability classroom where students learn and build on the diversity and strengths that they bring to their content area classes. Teachers learn to meet the needs of all students including English language learners and strugglers without watering-down curriculum or lowering the bar for other students while at the same time provide the needed challenges that the gifted and academically-abled require in order to develop to their fullest potentials. VESTED™ is:

  • An inclusion model designed to ensure strong content area instruction and response to intervention;
  • A framework to deliver sheltered instruction and implement the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) for English language learners (ELLs) and address the needs of speakers of non-standard dialects of English;
  • A means to challenge the academically-abled and gifted;
  • A template for organizing and delivering balanced, effective, and efficient instruction;
  • A safety-vest to keep afloat students who traditionally end up sinking rather than swimming in the classroom, namely the historically underserved and miss-served students who make up the majority of at-risk populations;
  • A professional development model that aims to positively transform teaching performance; and
  • A learning tool for everyone!

Training in the VESTED™ Instructional Approach is available in a three-day training format. Participants are provided with a handbook and are introduced to the six stages of lesson delivery—View, Experience, Speak, Transform, Extend, and Deliver— that will enable them to better manage and address the unique needs of all of their students.

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